Energy Optimization, LEED Documentation and Certification

Members of SAH design group are LEED Accredited professionals and have been actively involved in design of mechanical and electrical systems for LEED Certified buildings. In fact SAH has been involved in the first LEED certified Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland (Fairfield Brew Master Hotel).

Thinking about energy analysis, and an optimized energy performance after the building is complete and equipment are installed can be a very costly and time wasting error. An error which the building ownership should pay for it in high energy cost for years to come.

We believe, successful energy optimization of a building of any kind shall start early in the schematic design phase of the project.

Prior to any design work, we meet with client and other professionals to fully understand the client objectives, the impact of current energy requirements on the project, the possible owner's wish to proceed with design of a LEED certified building to optimize energy utilization and minimize operational cost and use tax benefits and other incentives available through the United States Government.

Frequent meetings with the clients, architects and other professional to include civil, landscape and structural engineers, & interior designers and use of leading engineering software's such as EQUEST, COMCHEK, RESCHEK, CARRIER HAP, OR TRANE TRACER, results in design of the most energy efficient building. An approach which not only reduce the operation cost of the building but also can result in official LEED certification, which can bring tax reduction and other incentives to the ownership of the project.


The difference is our attention to every detail

SAH is a team of professional engineers & Designers providing full mechanical and electrical engineering and design services based on thorough understanding of the regulatory constraints, code requirements, energy and other special needs of buildings and associated mechanical and electrical systems for projects of a complex nature such as hotels, residential complexes, high end restaurants and catering facilities, medical facilities and hospitals and clean room applications.

No job too complex No job too small

The SAH design group works closely with each client to deliver innovative, cost effective, energy efficient, on – time solutions for projects of all type and sizes at all level of technical complexity. SAH design group has been solidly in business for twenty years and has provided engineering design services to numerous clients for all kind of building applications.

Typical Projects Include:

Full Service & Team Work

The SAH design group offers a full engineering consultancy and design services for building mechanical and electrical systems, for every phase of project, from conception to final acceptance by local jurisdictions and other design professional that represents the ownership of the projects. We at SAH believe that we shall draw on building design & construction experiences and expertise of the entire design and construction team, from Ownership of the project to Architect, Civil engineer, structural engineer and when feasible the General Contractor. We have only one goal, to provide and secure the most cost effective, energy efficient and workable design in accordance with the applicable code requirements and the best industry standards, for our clients. Almost all of our clients are repeat clients which best attest to this fact.

Our Services Include: